Game of Thrones

Since I last wrote, I’ve not done a lot since I’m still sick. What I thought was a cold has turned out to be acute bronchitis. Thanks for that, Northern Ireland! I’ve just been attending classes and relaxing in the meantime.

Even though I am still not 100% yet, I attended Sunday’s Game of Thrones tour. I have to say it was most definitely worth it! Even if you aren’t familiar with HBO’s Game of Thrones, stay with me and appreciate the photos!

On the way out for the tour, we stopped at Carrickfergus and saw the castle. Carrickfergus Castle is the best example of a Norman castle you’ll get in all of Ireland (according to our tour guide).

Carrickfergus Castle

We didn’t stay long, as we had a lot more places to catch up with. It’s worth noting that on the way to the next destination, I got my first glimpse of Scotland! It was just a hazy bump rising up from the sea on the horizon, but it’s still exciting to think that Scotland is so close.

Game of Thrones
This is where Davos and Melisandre came up from the sea.

Anyway, on with the Game of Thrones commentary… So do you remember when Melisandre gave birth to the shadow baby that assassinated Renly? Remember how she did it in that creepy cave to which Davos took her using his old smuggling tricks? Yep. I went to that cave in Cushendun. It was quite funny really. You see, someone’s private residence is on the other side of this cave. So, in reality, Melisandre gave birth to a shadow baby in someone’s driveway.

Game of Thrones
The entrance from the sea.
Game of Thrones
And this is where Melisandre gave birth to her shadow assassin.

Alright, so we have the cave under Storm’s End. But where is Storm’s End? Right near Carrick-A-Rede, that rope bridge I previously crossed, in a place called Larrybane. Where we stood is the exact site where they shot the tourney in which we first meet Brienne of Tarth.

In this scene, Renly and his new wife, Margaery, are watching Brienne fight, no, dominate Loras Tyrell. Then Catelyn Stark shows up and, well, you can watch the episode… This scene was actually filmed in a limestone quarry that didn’t look that impressive at first, but once I got to looking it is actually pretty impressive, especially since it is on the sea next to Sheep Island.

Surprisingly, not too far away we found Pyke Harbor. The folks from the Iron Islands weren’t that welcoming to Theon Greyjoy, but they sure were welcoming to us! Pyke Harbor, otherwise known as Ballintoy, was another beautiful location to check off the list.

Game of Thrones
Where Theon first arrived back at Pyke.

Ballintoy was actually used quite often. To the left of this area is an inlet where Theon was baptized by the Damphair in the name of the Drowned God, with all that, “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.”

Game of Thrones
Where Theon was baptized by Damphair.

The other scene shot here was on the opposite side. I introduce to you Dragonstone where Davos and his son meet Salladhor Saan! If you remember, this is where Davos basically says Salladhor is old and won’t last long as a pirate. To this, Salladhor Saan replies he will only join with Stannis if he can have Cersei. If you watch the show, you know the rest.

Game of Thrones
The site of Salladhor Saan’s recruitment.

So what is left to complete a Game of Thrones tour? Let’s see… How about the King’s Road? You’ve got it! The Dark Hedges are the filming location for the King’s Road, where Arya was filmed going back towards the North. We walked the full length of it, but I’m not quite sure which direction I was heading in….

Game of Thrones
The King’s Road

That concludes the recreation of my Game of Thrones tour! I’m quite glad I went on it. It was strange to think that Tyrion, the Khaleesi, Arya, and my other favorite characters had been there and at Titanic Studios in Belfast.

Near the end I also had a chat with the driver who took us on the tour and he told me about some filming going on nearby my campus for Castle Black! John Snow is so close, but Robb Stark is still my favorite. To the King in the North!


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