My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)

Before I really get going with what I want to say, I’d like to let everyone know that I’m not sick anymore. I have defeated the acute bronchitis! I’m too excited about this. Moving along now….

An interesting thing happened on Friday. It rained. Yes, I was surprised that it rained in Northern Ireland. I realize that this is the climate, but it was just so strange because the weather has been so nice, and we had not had a proper rain since I arrived. Just thought I’d share that with you all.

While I have been recovering I’ve been working on my thesis so I didn’t exactly get out much last week. While I was being wildly dramatic and dying from my illness, I managed to work a lot on my thesis. By Saturday, I was absolutely losing my mind and just had to go out.

Twin was in Dublin so I couldn’t con her into coming with me to the city and everyone else seemed to be gone or already have plans. Therefore, I just grabbed my stuff and took myself on a date!

It’s nice to just relax and spend time by yourself sometimes. I think I definitely needed that, especially after staring at all the data for my thesis for so long…

I arrived at Belfast Central after a train ride that nearly put me to sleep, and I remembered that St. George’s Market was open. I hadn’t been yet and figured it was a good time for me to go scope it out, since I’m definitely planning to return several more times to try to enjoy it as much as possible.

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)
St. George’s Market

The market was inside, which really surprised me. When I think market, I usually think outdoors. Although, I suppose that this isn’t too far off from the covered markets that I visited in Oaxaca.

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)
Inside the market.

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)

At St. George’s Market, they had quite a few food stalls out. Not that food is a bad thing, but I wasn’t exactly about to stuff myself and then walk around the city. I got to going around the craft stalls and there were a lot of locals with things that were handmade in Belfast or elsewhere in Northern Ireland. This place has Christmas shopping written all over it!

After perusing the market, I walked up towards City Hall. While I was walking past, a group of three women approached me. I could tell they were foreign (American to be exact), but apparently they didn’t recognize that I am as well. They asked me if I was from Belfast, and we all had quite a laugh when I said, “No, I’m from the States!” (Do I look like I’m Northern Irish?)

I made my way away from City Hall and towards the water. The wind was starting to pick up, and it was quite cold. At least the sun was out in full force. I walked along the water front and just enjoyed the day until I decided that I was hungry and ready to catch the train back to Jordanstown.

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)
Titanic Belfast

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)

I had a pretty good day out in Belfast and I’m glad that I went because the next day was quite cold and miserable. Then, the wind picked up and sheets of rain were falling down on us. My flatmate who is a local said that this is typical Northern Irish weather. I guess I’d better get used to it.

One more thing! I missed my very last Apple Day at Mary Baldwin yesterday. In order to still participate, I grabbed a few apples and went down to the beach with Twin. The tide was out and we walked out quite a ways. While we were out at the end, we noticed a seal hanging out on a rock sticking out of the water a bit away from us.

My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)

Finding our seal friend was a nice surprise and Taylor also got a great shot of me for Apple Day. A little while later I sent it on to MBC with a “Happy Apple Day from Northern Ireland” note and they shared it. It’s fun to do little things like that sometimes.


My Solo Adventure in Belfast (& Apple Day)

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