Exploring the City: Oaxaca

Much of my first week in Oaxaca was spent exploring the city. Oaxaca has many beautiful parks, pedestrian streets and historic buildings.

Catedral de Oaxaca (Cathedral of Oaxaca)
Catedral de Oaxaca (Cathedral of Oaxaca)
Iglesia de Guadelupe (Church of Guadelupe)
Iglesia de Guadelupe (Church of Guadelupe)

On the second day, we wandered through a side door into a church with gorgeous decoration on the inside.

Santo Domingo Gold

Santo Domingo Look Up

When we came out the other side I was amazed at how gorgeous the exterior of the church is. I asked a local (in Spanish!) which church it was, and he said that it was Santo Domingo! The Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán is one of the most famous and oldest churches in Oaxaca. This Catholic church was built from 1570 to 1666. While it was used by the military in the past, today it is fully restored.

Santo Domingo
The front of Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo was my favorite church in Oaxaca. We took in a lot of Oaxaca that first week. Though it was a good week of trying new food, getting caught in late afternoon storms, and visiting the Friday market at Parque Lleno, it wasn’t until the second week that I started to talk to more locals. After that, I started to feel I was getting to really know the city.

I’ll leave you all with this short post today. News of my next big trip will come soon, since I finally got the letter in the mail!


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