No, I’m Not Getting a Job

It seems like once you hit that senior year mark in college, the only thing people want to ask you is, “What are you going to do after college?” When I tell them what I studied (double-major in mathematics and economics with a minor in Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution), they immediately assume I’m going to be a math teacher (because all they hear is math?).

Well, I graduated, it’s August, and it’s time to get a few things straight:

  1. I am not going to be a math teacher. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of large groups of children.
  2. I’m not ready to get a job, because I want to go into policy and do work beyond a Bachelor’s degree. (Though, if you want to be technical, I am working three jobs at this moment to try to save up some money.)
  3. At this point in time, I don’t want to return to Virginia. I also definitely don’t want to stay in small town Missouri. I don’t even want to stay in this country.

Now that we’ve got that straightened out, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, so what is she doing?” I’ve told some friends, as well as many of my wonderful professors and the lovely ladies from my internship. I finally received my official letter and…

Acceptance Letter

This fall I will begin the Master’s Programme in Political Economy at Konstanz University in Konstanz, Germany!

My flight leaves St. Louis on September 26 (only fifty days from today!) and arrives in Munich on September 27. I’ll be hanging around for a few days before I head to Konstanz on October 1. I’m looking forward to seeing all of my friends I met in Northern Ireland and getting lost in new countries. Here’s to a great next two years!


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