Dear Time…

Today is August 26. Do you know what this means?! It means that in exactly one month from today, on September 26, I will get on a plane and wave goodbye to the States.



That’s not a lot of time. But let’s think about the bigger picture. It has been:

  • 353 days since I went to Northern Ireland,
  • 255 days since I got back from Northern Ireland (and had decided to apply for graduate schools abroad),
  • 102 days since I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s degree.

Now, to only have one month, 31 days, to go until I leave for Germany for two whole years… Wow.

Time, I feel like you’ve been moving so slow this summer, what with the three jobs and all. Since I’m now finishing up my jobs, does that mean you’ll fly by?

I have so much to do before I become an expat! I have to renew my driver’s license, fill out scholarship applications for the next school year, finish up all of the blogging that I want to do, read the precious books to which I have to say goodbye, drink the last of the wine and cider from Virginia and pack, plus all that other stuff on my mile-long to-do list.

Since I have all this stuff to do, I better get to it. I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes and, of course, the whole arriving in Germany thing!


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