Where in the World Am I?

Since some of my friends and family seem to be confused about where I’m living now (no, it’s not anywhere near Berlin), I thought that I’d provide a little context for you with the help of Google maps.

I am living in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, which is in the southwest part of the country. Notice that Berlin in way up in the north.

As I’ve mentioned, I live on Bodensee, the lake in this region. Looking at the map above, it’s the lake at the very southern part of the state where Austria and Switzerland come together. Looking at the map below here, you can get a closer look at the lake. The See, or lake, borders Germany to the north, Austria to the southeast, and Switzerland to the southwest.

Now, on the west side of the lake where the Rhein flows into the Bodensee is Konstanz. Konstanz is the town where I am now living and studying for the next two years.

If you look closely, you can see that Konstanz is on the border with Switzerland. The town right across the border is called Kreuzlingen. So, yes, I could technically walk to Switzerland!

I hope that you find these maps helpful in visualizing where in the world I’m now located. I hope that you also now refrain from asking me how “close” I am to Berlin.



  1. I don’t usually read blogs but this is great, Lynnae but then I love geography, and I envy your proximity to such beautiful places in the alpine heart of Western Europe!


    1. Thanks, I haven’t even been able to really experience all the beauty yet since the weather has been so gray. Hopefully I’ve have a few more sunny days before winter comes.


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