The Majestic Beauty of… My Uni?

I spend a lot of time at the uni. A lot. I guess that’s just how being a grad student is. Since I spend so much time there, I thought I’d offer you all some insight into what it looks like.

I, fortunately, live quite close to the uni. Every day I walk along a path through this little protected park. The path conveniently goes straight from my flat to the part of the uni where I have most of my classes.

Walking to the Uni

It’s a quite nice walk, though on cold mornings I walk as fast as possible, just wanting to be back indoors where it is warm. A lot of locals come to this field with their dogs, so I almost always have a daily moment of, “Aww, puppy!” to partition my non-stop study mindset.

As I continue to walk, I end up at the south end of the university. There is a set of stairs outdoors that I take to end up on the roof of the uni. Because it’s built on a hill, you end up on ground level again by time you walk to the center of the university.

Now there’s something I noticed about the University of Konstanz from the very first time I walked myself up there: the “art.” These people like to decorate the campus with lot of strange things, some of which I like, and some of which I don’t.

Uni Decor

This is one I’m okay with. Interesting metal design, just chilling in the middle of the fountain. There’s actually a little man-made stream that flows across the top of the lower parts of the uni. It’s not running anymore for the winter months, but it’s quite nice when it is.

The design here goes beyond streams and sculptures. Some areas of the university were built with eye-catching materials. There also seems to be a recurring theme of orange and blue in the design. The orange is even in my apartments. As I write this, I’m looking out the window past my orange curtain at the orange doors of the apartment building across from me.

In the main area of the campus, the colors become more varied and bold.

Konstanz Windows

I do enjoy these skylight windows. When you’re down one floor beneath them, it’s quite enjoyable to see the different colors painted on the ground by the sunlight. These windows are in the main block of the campus. They’re actually the ones that I first saw on the informational website when I was considering applying.

To wrap it all up, I present to you a lovely view. This is actually taken from the Mensa, or the cafeteria. It gives a lovely view of the Bodensee, and I can even see Meersburg across the lake with the ferry going to and fro. On a clear day, you can see the Alps on the horizon to the right.

Uni Pano

I wonder if I could have picked a university with a more gorgeous setting…



    1. It is a really lovely place. The lake is incredibly clean. I look forward to enjoying it in the summer when it’s finally warm again.


  1. wow! what a lovely university campus, indeed. makes me wish i was studying there. 🙂
    certainly, doesn’t seem to be a misadventure here 🙂


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