Deutsch Donnerstag: Muschi

Deutsch Donnerstag

It’s Thursday, I’m procrastinating, and I have a story that’s been on my mind for a wee while now. All this points to today’s Deutsch Donnerstag post!

A little while ago I was talking with some German friends. I don’t remember the particular conversation topic, but I was describing something. The descriptor I used was “mushy,” as in something soft and squishy.

The Germans interpreted this as Muschi. They started laughing, and I was promptly confused. Turns out, die Muschi is a word used to describe a female body part or a cat.

Fast-forward to a post card I saw over Christmas break. On it, an angry cat holding up its middle finger says, “Call me Muschi one more time.”

Well, that pussy cat certainly made the direct translation very clear to me! I’ll be sure to refrain from using “mushy” and “Muschi” around German-speakers in the future.


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