Germany Thus Far: (Belated) Three Months In

So I’m almost half a month late, but I’d still like to highlight everything that happened during my third month in Germany. So December…


December is a special month in my life, because it is the month that I celebrate being born and not dying in the past year! Yay! I hit up some Christmas markets to celebrate this event. Here’s to hoping I survive another year…

RV Christmas Market
Ravensburg Christmas Market

Also of note in December is the Christmas holiday. This Christmas I stayed with a German family. Afterwards, I wrote a little comparison of my interpretation of “German Christmas” vs. “American Christmas.”


In December, I finished out my 2015 lectures. Then I started panicking about my upcoming final exams. The semester dates are quite different from what you’d experience at an American school. I’ll actually be taking my finals in February.

Konstanz Windows

Between my studies, I also wrote a short post to show everyone what the Konstanz Uni looks like.


In the third month of my language learning journey, I introduced Deutsch Donnerstag. This new series highlights some adventures in my language learning, as well as happy accidents. The first post is on a cool word: Schnee.

Well, there’s my month in review. My last of 2015, my third in Germany, and the coldest this winter so far (but where is the snow?).


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