Some Photos From “Fasching”

In the midst of finishing my lessons and preparing for exams, I celebrated Fasching (Carnival) in Konstanz. …And then I promptly forgot to ever write about it.

To make up for the egregious error, I decided to share some photos with you all. I attended a few parades, enjoyed the intense street parties that could be found all over Old Town, and seriously questioned the sanity of the German people. Everyone dressed up and partied day and night all weekend. Konstanz had its own traditions, and I’m not sure I’m the one to try and explain them, but you can enjoy the photos all the same.

The head followed soon after.
This was one of many floats. I don’t quite know how they managed to get it through the narrow streets of Old Town. I mean, a tractor was even pulling it!
Just your average straw man on a couple leashes. I bet he was warm at least.
A witch the roof of a float. They were apparently selling booze out of the back of it after the parade.
Some hairy guys and their float…
…And some walking waffles eating potato chips, because apparently you get hungry while pretending to be food in parades.

Hope you enjoyed those. It took forever to get them uploaded because my laptop is on the fritz. Once the laptop problem is solved I’ll be more motivated to post some (also overdue) sledding photos!



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