I Finally Went to Prague: Part III

This is my final post on Prague. You can also read Part I and Part II if you haven’t yet. My final day in Prague was fairly relaxed as the weather was not quite as good as it was the previous days.

I wanted to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral before leaving, as several people had told me it was really lovely and worth it. I wanted to visit it even more after seeing it on the horizon from all over the city.

After grabbing some food, we made the hike up the hill towards the cathedral. It was a bit chilly and the clouds hung low, threatening rain. When we finally made it to the top, the opening of the cathedral was delayed. I felt quite annoyed because it had already been closed to visitors the day before. While we waited, we wandered around the outside of the cathedral.

Prague St. Vitus Facade

The facade is gorgeous. Mosaics with golden tiles glowed even though it was cloudy. All of the architectural intricacies stood out dramatically against the clouds. The outside was so breathtaking and I could not wait to get inside.

Finally, it was time to que up and go inside. Once I got inside, I saw this:


The cathedral is massive. It looked like the windows and cloisters were interesting, but after getting inside I learned that it would cost money (more than I was willing to spend) in order to see more of the cathedral apart from the small, closed-off area immediately by the door. Needless to say, after all the hype I had heard about this cathedral, I was disappointed.

After visiting the cathedral, we wandered around the castle and the castle grounds. There were so many people by the castle, wanting to tour it. Going for a walk through the grounds was a much better idea because there were hardly any people. I would recommend a walk of the grounds to anyone who also feels overwhelmed by tourist crowds.

We finished off the day by trying to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid the rain that started coming down as we were leaving the castle grounds. That night we enjoyed some Mexican food before going back to our hostel and packing our things in preparation for the morning bus ride.

So that is the last bit of my time in Prague. It is one of my favorite cities that I have visited so far in Europe, and at the price it is totally worth it!


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