My Story

My name is Lylli, and my travels abroad are rooted in my high school and university Spanish classes. After studying Spanish in high school and college, I wanted to see if I could get a scholarship to study abroad. As luck would have it, I landed scholarships for two different programs. In 2014, I went abroad for the first time to Oaxaca, México. Three short months after arriving back in the States, I was off to Northern Ireland for a semester abroad.

I learned a lot about myself during these two experiences abroad, and I knew that I wanted to go abroad again. In May 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and applied for graduate schools abroad. I got into a Master’s program in Germany, so I packed my bags and headed off again.

Four years later, I live and work in Germany. I still travel, but I’m also learning to slow down and enjoy the pace of life where I live.

I enjoy being in nature, practicing yoga, riding my bike, eating chocolate, and reading a good book. I also have an affinity for thunderstorms and rainy days.

What is So I’m Lost Again?

So I’m Lost Again began as a travel blog to document my adventures traveling the world, studying abroad, and eventually moving abroad. However, this isn’t just a travel blog anymore. It’s transitioned into a space where I also explore topics around being lost in the figurative sense of the word.

I write about feeling uprooted so far from my native country, challenges that we face no matter where you live, my views on the world, and my travels in it. You’ll find a little of everything here.